​David M. Flory

Workflow Management System

  1. The tax function in any substantial enterprise already has an inherent technical capability that is at least the equal of any other department/function.
  2. As a matter of survival, the tax function must assert its needs with IT, accounting, finance and any other area that impacts tax practice, which may very well be (or shortly will become) totally inclusive.  Unless you know everything, you know nothing…
  3. In order to do so, the tax function must substantially up its game in order to get to the table and stay there.  This is a vital ministerial duty imposed on tax leadership.
  4. Because of #1 above, all of this is possible.  But all will go very much easier and more quickly with help from someone who has been campaigning at this with considerable success.
  5. There is no such thing as a ready to buy “software solution”.  Solutions result from the collaborative efforts of knowledgeable people to understand, build, and use effective tools.

From a CPA who has had one foot in Tax and one foot in IT for 20 years:

Database Technology for the Tax Function